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Church Council and Committees

Lay leadership is valued  at Greenville UMC.

Members  serve as congregation leaders and on church committees guiding the church in matters of finance, worship, planning, pastor relations, outreach and development. Some roles are three year commitments,  such as the Board of Trustees, Staff and Parish Relations, and Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development. Other committee membership is for one year.

Church Council meets the third Sunday following Church Dinner.

The Worship & Planning Committee meets

2nd Tuesday, 6:00 p.m.

Contact GUMC lay leadership:

GUMC office: 850.948.2993

Board of Trustees

  • Class of 2021: Dennis Miller, Stanley Braswell, Nic Gonzalez
  • Class of 2022: Tom Tyler, Jamie Scarboro, Trish Hinton
  • Class of 2023:  Ken Wells, Paul Braswell*, Rebecca Gonzalez

Staff Parish Relations Committee

  • Class of 2021:  Nancy Scarboro, Trish Hinton
  • Class of 2022: Rebecca Gonzalez
  • Class of 2023:  George Pridgeon*, Lou Miller

Committee on Nominations & Leadership Development  (Led by Pastor)

  • Class of 20021: Kathleen Braswell
  • Class of 2022: Nic Gonzalez, Marie Cone
  • Class of 2023: Jane Wells Tom Tyler

Finance Committee:  

  •  Lil Harris, George Pridgeon,  Paul Braswell*,   Marie Cone, Lou Miller, Louretta Mugge, Rebecca Gonzalez

Church Treasurer: Paul Braswell,  Finance Secretary: Marie Cone, Recording Secretary:  Lou Miller, Church Council Chair:  George Pridgeon, Lay Leader: Lou Miller, Lay  Member to Conference:  Trish Hinton

Worship and Planning Committee: 

  • Lou Miller,   Zabriel Dawkins,  Nancy Scarboro, Rebecca Gonzalez, Jamie Scarboro, Pastor Cherryl Mixon Cruce*

Hospitality Committee: Marie Cone,  Louretta Mugge,  Zabriel Dawkins

Food Distribution Outreach:  Louretta Mugge

Children's Ministry Leader: Marie Cone;   Prayer Bulletin:  Kathleen Braswell, Worship Bulletin:  Trish Hinton, Membership Secretary:  Lou Miller, Cooperative Ministries Reps:  George Pridgeon, Marie Cone,  Connectional Giving:  Paul Braswell


As of June 2021 

At Greenville FL United Methodist Church

Our Lay Leaders Serve Joyfully and Thoughtfully

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